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  Having Home With Design Of Appartement C By Schemaa

the multifunction thing that is as the cupboard also as the stair
mirror on the wall as the accessory in designing a room
large space with bookcase complete with some books
designing a bedroom in the second floor using grey bed
unique cupboard in cream color and creative form
bookcase with many books completed with lamps hang

Are you interested in having a comfortable and unique home? If you are, the home with appartment C design is the answer. You can use this design in your home to make it looks comfortable and interesting. It is a design that is located in Paris, France. This design was made by an architect, who is Sc...

  Designing A Kitchen In The Small Apartment

clean kitchen with white cabinet and white wall then using black white ceramic tile in the floor
placing unique wooden cabinet in the kitchen
colorful kitchen with using red kitchen cabinet
cream wall and black kitchen cabinet complet with silver refrigerator
using white color in desining kitchen cabinet matches with the wall
white cabinet and white ceramic tile in desining a kitchen

The limit of space and the expensive of the price of the ground in the citizen make some businessman in property increasing the home in vertical form. By using strategic spots in the city, recently, there are many new building. It becomes a solution to have a home that is near with the office and of...

  A Cool And Modern OOI House

Simple opened dining room where all familiy members can enjoy their times
Filling the courtyard with swimming pool to maximise the space
Upstair home office room completed with simlpe white home office desk
Plate glass sliding door is the unique idea to make the bedroom connects with nature outside
Shades are needed although at night
Opened livingroom which is connected to courtyard and dining room

If you dream a private residential house which is modern, natural, opened and so lively with its environment, a project designed and completed by Czarl Architects might be a good inspiration for you. It is located in Singapore. Like the southeast asian countries, it has kind and friendly environment...

  Interior Kitchen Design

sleek modern kitchen layout in reddish polished cabinet surface
wide and spacious looking kitchen layout with curved cooking table
simple L shaped kitchen layout integrated with dining room with maroon colored theme
simple kitchen featuring small dining space in the middle of the kitchen layout
elegant interior of kitchen with black and white mozaik back splash tiles covering its walls
calm and peaceful looking kitchen in dim brown color theme featuring natural touch of flowers

There are many options in which you can beautify the rooms in your house. Kitchen is not an exception. Though the design of a kitchen should emphasize more on functionality and effectiveness as the place is used for work and it requires high mobilization to prepare meals in the kitchen. Emphasizing ...

  Happy Cooking In Modern Kitchen Style

amazing modern kitchen looks warm in dark brown color
modern kitchen looks elegant on its color and perfect with modern furniture inside
wonderful wooden racks and countertop looks elegant in dark brown color
lovely bright kitchen in cream color looks nice with its modern furniture
beautiful white kitchen looks bright and clean also attractive with its chimney
wonderful modern kitchen using wooden element

Have you ever seen the house without kitchen?? Maybe most if you will answer no. Well, this is because kitchen is one of important interior in your house. A house without a kitchen is not complete. Kitchen is a place to cook and process various activity that related to food. Healthy kitchen will aff...

  Nice Comfortable Colors Ideas To Paint Your Bedroom

wonderful bedroom in white color looks attractive with its painting and fresh view outside the clear window
bright bedroom in green orange color looks harmonic
nice simple bedroom using combination of brown and white color looks cozy
amazing brown bedroom looks great with its wooden furniture
nice elegant bedroom in light brown color harmonic with its interior furniture
elegant bedroom in brown color looks comfortable

Everyone likes color. Yes, color is important element in a room, include the bedroom. Of course, all of you want to have nice comfortable bedroom in your house right?? Well, to make it be come true, you must pay attention in designing your bedroom. One of the important thing in designing your bedroo...

  Converting The Classic To Be Modernity

White theme kitchen with a soft blue touch
Wall shelving cabinet to keep the files neat installing the home office room
Ancient dartk brown brick wall installed in the livingroom which is completed with modrn black sofa
Innovative plank slooping ceiling installed in the cozy livingroom completed with dark grey velvet sofa
Fresh red metal railing stairs as a highlighted accent of this white scheme house
White scheme bathroom with a purple touch of a side wall

When it comes to renovate your house, make over it because the existing house is quite old, you must consider this house. Naylor CT is a renovation project completed by E/L STUDIO. Its building is originally built in 1800s, the former horse stable was converted into the Naylor Court Studio/Residence...

  Bedroom Becomes More Attractive Combined With Beautiful Accent Wall

nice bedroom with white yellow accent wall looks attractive with many picture hang on there
nice black accent wall looks perfect with unique racks put there
nice brown accent wall looks harmonic with the design of the bedroom
cute white bedroom looks fresh with blue color accent wall
warm cream bedroom looks more attractive with orange accent wall also with some paintings hang on it
amazing white bedroom looks great with its accent wall about a girl and ballons

It is interesting to talk about bedroom design. Why?? this is because bedroom is not only to take a rest but also the private place for you. Therefore you can do whatever you want. For example the place that can make you be better when you have any problem, or the most interesting place to get inspi...

  Attractive Art Deco Creates Bedroom Fit For Any Sleeping Beauty

wonderful bedroom with the touch of wood looks calm and cozy
modern cozy bedroom with the touch of nice art deco on its wall harmonic with the design of the room as minimalist bedroom
warm soft pink color bedroom with nice decoration on the wall behind the headboard looks sleeks
wonderful bedroom with vintage bed headboard also mirror looks perfect
the nice art of bricks on the wall complete with vintage bed carpet and other furniture looks beautiful
nice carpet design harmonic with its unique chair looks wonderful with art deco of hanging light

Hello.. have you ever get a bad-dream??? Maybe some of you are ever. Bad dream maybe happen because you have some problem and you keep on your mind so that your sleep be uncomfortable. Or maybe, bad dream happen to you because your bedroom is less of comfortable. Therefore, you must design your bedr...

  Luxurious Hotels Elongated The Sea In Santorini

beautiul flower and chandeliers looks romantic
nice living room with unique sofa and table looks harmonic with the desk lamp
beautiful high gate of Mystique hotel looks elegant
comfortable sunbathing place looks perfect with compatible furniture
lovely set of table chair on the terrace looks comfortable
attractive sofa looks soft and compatible with the door design

There is a beautiful hotel in Santorini. Surely, you will impress to be there after read this article. It is Mystique, the hotel that designed by Mary Kavagia and Frank Lefebvre on 2007. It is located at Oia, Santorini,Greece. It looks wonderful and luxurious with the beautiful design on it. It was ...

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